Why an Intex Pool?

This summer, bring home the kind of fun and delight that only a swimming pool brings. Owning a pool is possible today with leading brands like Intex, available at most retail outlets nation wide. Set up is easy, so the fun starts right away. The only problem is selecting the one for your backyard from the wide array of choices.

intex-inflatable-pool-15x42-squareEveryone dreams of owning a swimming pool. It is the perfect place to cool off, exercise and enjoy fun in the sun. Invite friends and neighbors over to splash around while entertaining. Kids and adults alike love the fun that a swimming pool brings.

The expense of buying and installing a swimming pool no longer has to inhibit making owning a swimming pool possible. Intex pools are affordable and come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit any backyard.  They are considered temporary so you can enjoy them as long as they last for a very little investment.

The inflatable style makes for the perfect starter pool. Pick the size that best fits the backyard from 8 to 18 feet in diameter. All it takes is a few minutes to spread the base on the ground, inflate the ring on top and add water. The pool is ready for action. They are easy to drain and put away too. Connect the drain plug to a hose and water is drained away from the yard and home.

The larger frame pools have enough room for the whole family and areSummer Escapes framed pool a little bit more robust with sizes from 10 to 21 feet that hold 3000 to 10,000 gallons of water.   No matter which way you go, most of these pools come with a pump and filter system, a ladder and other accessories, like a cover, for the pool. Everything needed for complete summer fun and satisfaction!

Add to the fun by getting pool toys, LED pool lights and swim coolers to enhance the experience.

For wintertime storage, things are easy, too. Leave the pool up after draining and simply cover it. Or, for areas where freezing temperatures occur, just drain the pool, disassemble it, and store the pool indoors. Get the summer fun going with a do-it-yourself pool that’s easy to install, fill and enjoy.

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