My Pool Turned My Hair Green! How do I Fix it?!

Blondes may have more fun, but most of them are probably not big swimmers! The nemesis of the blonde species, both male and female, is the swimming pool. While most of us blame the higher amounts of chlorine as the chief culprit, the truth is actually a bit stranger. It’s the excessive amount of copper in the water that makes our flaxen friends flustered!

Help! My hair turned green! How do I fix it?

So, how does this massive amount of copper get into the cool water? Well, it isn’t because someone went swimming with a sack full of pennies. The excessive copper comes from the algaecides used to keep the pool clean. In some cases where the pool is filled with water from a well, this can also happen.

The copper has a chemical reaction with the chorine, essentially oxidizing into a solid substance rather than its previous liquid form. This metallic copper binds to everyone’s hair, but blondes get the brunt of the embarrassment.

The Long-Term Solution

First of all, if you are a blonde pool owner, you might want to consider switching to a different type of algaecide that contains less copper. Algaecide with copper cannot only turn hair green but can also end up staining the sides and bottom of your pool. Switch to a polyquat variety instead, such as Algaecide 60 ZAPPER Non-Metallic.

Of course, if you already have a high amount of copper in your swimming pool, this may not do you much good. You need to be able to remove this excessive metal from the water. Luckily, the pool industry had already thought of this, providing you with such remarkable additives as Natural Chemistry METALfree, which work just fine.

The Short Term Solution

Then again, neither of these products will help you immediately if your beautiful blonde locks have already turned green. Rather than heading to the beauty salon for a very expensive and timely procedure, you can first try a professional shampoo that many competitive swimmers use. One popular brand is TriSwim Shampoo, but there are several reputable brands on the market, as well as some very intriguing Home Remedies.

Home Remedy #1: Vinegar

Vinegar will actually react with the chlorinated copper in your hair, washing the green hue right out. You might want to try washing your hair with a small amount of vinegar first, perhaps re-washing your hair a few more times until your hair returns to its natural color.

Home Remedy #2: Ketchup

If you run to your cupboards and find that you are completely out of vinegar, which may very likely be the case, open the refrigerator for a bottle of ketchup instead. There is vinegar in ketchup, believe it or not, and the high acidity combined with the vinegar will help to neutralize the green effect rather quickly. Squeeze the ketchup into your hair, and massage it thoroughly. Let it set for approximately 20 minutes. Your scalp might begin to itch slightly, but this just means the ketchup is working its magic. After 20 minutes, wash it out with your regular shampoo. You might have to repeat this process several times, but eventually the green tinge fades away and restores you back to your former glory.

So, instead of screaming, “Help! My hair turned green! How do I fix it?”, all you have to say is

“Pass me the Ketchup!”

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