Maintaining Your Summer Escape Pool Filter

Having a Summer Escape pool can enhance the joys of summer but it also requires proper maintenance so as to ensure a safe and enjoyable pool experience. The water in the pool should be checked daily for the proper chlorine and pH levels as the pump and filter are not enough to ensure that algae do not start growing in the pool. The seams in the pool should be checked periodically so as to prevent any leaks. Checking the pool filter for leaks and its output are also tasks that should be carried out on a regular basis.

This last item—maintaining your Summer Escape pool filter—is something that cannot be over-emphasized. Cleaning the filter is important to keeping the proper pH and chlorine levels in the pool. In order to clean the filter, it first needs to be removed from the pump. While the filter is still wet or damp, use a garden hose with a spray nozzle to remove any coarse debris from the filter. Then allow the filter to dry thoroughly so as to be able to remove the finer particles of dirt from the pleats of the filter. Brush the filter carefully but do not scrub it as this can wear out the filter. Compressed air can also be gently used on the filter to remove these particles from the fabric.

As part of this process, purchasing one or two additional filters is a good move, so several filters can be cleaned at the same time for the next step. As the debris and fine particles have been removed, now it is important to remove any oils, such as body oils or suntan lotions, and algae that might have grown in the filter. Having a five gallon plastic paint bucket with a lid can be used for this process.

One pound of trisodium phosphate can be added to the bucket filled with water. The filters to be cleaned should be placed in the bucket which is then covered and left for a period of up to 12 hours. The purpose of this soaking is to remove any oils that have accumulated on the filter. If you believe there has been a build-up of algae on the filters, then add a half pint of pool chlorine or one pint of household bleach to the solution.

Now the filter can be removed and rinsed in a bucket of clean water. By dunking them briskly in and out of the rinse water, you will see the rinsed contaminants rising to the surface that are coming from the filter. This is a good sign. Then the filter should be placed in bright sunlight so they can dry. If you find any more dirt on the surface of the filter, you can brush it off with a parts cleaning brush.

If the filter has excessive calcium or mineral deposits or deposits of acid, then your local pool supply store should be contacted for additional cleaners for your filter cartridge as these kinds of deposits are regional in nature. Otherwise, if such deposits are found then they are ready for reuse.

If you keep up with the maintaining your Summer Escape pool filter, then you should be able to enjoy your pool throughout the summer and for many summers in the future.

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