Maintaining Your Intex Pool Filter

If you want to keep your Intex above-ground swimming pool as clean as possible, you need to keep your filter clean. With Intex pools, the filter has a cartridge inside that must be hosed off regularly and replaced when it doesn’t come clean with hosing.

Woman hosing off pop-up pool filter 2To clean it, turn off the pump, close the inlet and outlet valves and open the cap.  Pull out the cartridge and run a hard spray of water from a garden hose into the pleats of the cartridge both from the outside and the inside ring.  If the cartridge material begins to look worn or you don’t feel you can clean it much more, simply put a new cartridge in.

The Intex brand now offers a sand filter on their larger pools as an upgrade.  With sand, the maintenance is much easier as you simply turn a switch so the filter backwashes itself which cleans out the sand and removes the dirty water to your street drain.

Why Worry About Cleaning My Cartridges?

A clogged filter will slow down the circulation of the water.  With less circulation it is harder for the chemicals to dispense evenly in the water so your pool will start to look cloudy and algae could form.  With cartridge filters relatively cheap (about $10 to $15), replacing them often will keep your system working at maximum efficiency.

How Long Do Intex Filters Last?

The use you will get out of each filter really depends upon how much you use your pool and run the pump. Many buyers said that a carton of a dozen filters lasted them a couple of years. Others said that it was plenty for a season with a few left over.

Where Can You Buy Intex Pool Filters?

One other good thing about these cartridges is that you can find them almost anywhere. This includes local pool, discount, and home improvement stores. But you can probably get them cheaper if you purchase in bulk online.

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