Maintaining Your Bestway Pool Filter

Having an above-ground pool can be an excellent addition to any home and provide a great deal of fun outdoors during the summer months. However, it is important that regular maintenance be performed so that the water in the pool stays clean, clear and healthy. If you let it go for any length of time, you run the risk of encountering problems that may take you longer to rectify than if you had kept to a schedule of routine maintenance.

Part of maintaining your Bestway pool filter includes maintaining the pool pump and its attached filter. The pump circulates the water through the filter which cleans the debris out of the pool. Constantly circulating the water in your pool prevents bacteria from forming. For optimal performance while your pool is in use, you should run the pump eight to ten hours per day.

With regards to maintaining your Bestway pool filter, it should be kept clean as sand and dirt particles can get caught in the filter and prevent it from doing its job. Filters should be cleaned or replaced at least every two weeks or sooner if you find they have become dirty.

To clean the filter, first remove the filter cap that keeps it in place and remove the filter. Then use a garden hose to clean the filter. If you find that after this process the filter still appears to be clogged, dirty and soiled, then replacement of the filter is necessary.

Either way, once you have a clean filter, then insert back into its original location and ensure it is centered in the filter pump. Make sure the filter cap seal is in place and screw the filter cap back into position. The debris screens and the stopper plugs in the inlet and outlet valves of the pool should also be replaced and the hose clamps tightened. Water will now be able to flow back into the pump. While you are in the process of taking of your filter, you should look into the condition of the hoses to see if there is any seaweed or limestone in them.

In addition to maintaining your Bestway pool filter, there are some other steps that need to be taken to ensure that your pool will work properly and can be enjoyed throughout the summer season. On a weekly basis, you should check the pH level of your pool so that it remains between 7.2 and 7.6. Pool chemicals are not as effective if the pH is outside this range. As people use the pool on a daily basis, they add contaminants to the pool. The contaminants get oxidized by the chlorine used in the pool which can then keep the water clear and also kill any algae in the pool.

As part of the weekly maintenance, check the clarity of the water as, if it has become cloudy in nature, you should run your pump until the water clears. An algaecide should also be added to the pool in addition to the chlorine so algae does not have a chance to grow. You may want to scrub the sides of the pool so keep it clean as well.
Proper maintenance of your pool can ensure that you get the most of your pool for many years.

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