How to Winterize my Intex pool

Because they are easy to set up and require very little maintenance, Intex pools are becoming a popular option for a home swimming pool. They are not a permanent structure, so as easy as they are to set up, they are equally easy to take down. However, for those who live in climates where the weather is warmer throughout the year and the temperatures never fall below freezingyou may want to know how to winterize my Intex pool so that it is ready for you to use in the spring.

The week before you plan to end the season, ensure that the water chemistry is at the right level for the entire season. This means that the pH level should be 7.2 to 7.6, the alkalinity 100 to 150 parts per million and the chlorine level at 3.0. If the chemical levels are not high enough, add a liquid shock treatment to the pool and retest the water after two to three hours.

When you are ready to winterize your pool, the next step is to vacuum the pool. This is done by attaching a garden hose with a telescopic handle to the vacuum that comes with the Intex pool. The debris bag is then tied to the opening on the top of the vacuum head. The vacuum with hose and attached debris bag are then placed in the pool. Turn on the water and move the vacuum slowly across the surface of the bottom of the pool so as to remove all the debris that has settled there. This will also help to clean the pool overall and drop the water level a bit in the pool.

The pool filter should be run for several hours after vacuuming and before starting the rest of the process for winterizing. By running the filter, you remove any remaining particles the vacuuming process might have stirred up.
Then the surface of the pool water should be skimmed with a skimmer net so as to remove any debris that is floating on top.

If you have an Easy Set model with a top ring, it should be examined to make sure that the ring is inflated fully. An air pump can be used to inflate it properly if this is not the case.
Next use the stoppers that came with the pool to plug up the inlet and outlet holes. The skimmer basket and filter hoses attached to these holes should also be removed by unscrewing the clamps around each hose and pulling them off the openings of the holes.

Then the filter should be drained completely and the filter cartridge removed. These should be stored in a safe place for the winter such as in the basement or the garage.
Then put the pool cover over the pool and tie the drawstring rope securely around the pool cover. Watch over the pool during the winter months for collection of debris and water on the cover. If you find too much water collecting on top of the pool cover, then you can always slip a garden hose under the cover and fill the pool a bit. That will take the strain off the cover as the water in the pool will rise and then displace any water on top of the pool cover.

Finally, dry the ladder and all other accessories for your pool before you store them for the winter.
By following these easy steps, you can be assured that you have learned how to winterize my Intex pool so it will be ready for you in the spring.

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