How to Winterize my Intex Metal Frame Pool

Even though Intex metal frame swimming pools are easy to set up and take down, some people like to keep their pools outside throughout the year, especially in warmer climates. However, if the temperatures during the winter can go below 40 degrees Fahrenheit in your area, there is a risk of damage to the pool as the material of the pool can become brittle in these temperatures and can be harmed by ice. When you want to know how to winterize your Intex metal frame pool, you should be aware that the recommendation is that it be drained, cleaned, disassembled and stored in a safe place for the winter.

First, the water in the pool needs to be thoroughly cleaned. This means that the pH, total alkalinity, chlorine and calcium hardness are at the right levels and all the dirt and debris are removed from the pool water. Then the skimmer, if your pool has one, and any accessories attached to the threaded strainer connector need to be removed. You can put something squeezable in the skimmer itself so that it does not crack during the winter.
Next, the inlet and outlet fittings should be plugged from the inside of the pool with the plugs that came with your pool. This step is relevant if your pool is 16 feet and below. For pools that sizes 17 feet and above, shut the valves for the outlet and inlet plungers.

If you have purchased a ladder for your pool, then it has to be removed next and stored in a safe place. It should be completely clean and dry before you put it away. Then remove the hoses that connect the filter and pump to the pool.

The pool can then be cleaned with the chemicals for winter that are recommended by your local pool supplier. Those that are most suitable for your region should be used as those of another region could cause damage to your pool.
An Intex pool cover should then be placed over the pool. These pool covers are not safety covers so if your region gets a lot of snow during the winter months, then you may need to purchase a safety cover as well.
Drain all the water from the pump, filter housing and hoses and then clean these parts. Remove the filter cartridge and then discard it.

Clean and dry all your accessories and their parts. Bring these, the pump and parts of the filter indoors and store them in a place that is safe and dry and heated so that the temperature will be maintained between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter or an area that will at least remain at room temperature throughout the winter.

Several tips to keep in mind when winterizing your Intex metal frame pool is that you should keep your original packaging from your pool so that you can use it for storage during the winter. Also make a note that when you take out the old filter cartridge that you have another one on hand to start your swimming next year.
By following these simple steps, you and your family can enjoy your Intex metal frame pool for many summer swimming seasons to come.

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