How to Use A Garden Hose Pool Vacuum

Woman vacuuming pool 2 croppedVacuuming the bottom of an Intex, Summer Escapes and Best Way pools is easy with the garden hose pool vacuum that either comes with or is an accessory for these types of pools. Learning how to use a garden hose pool vacuum properly is a critical step in the regular upkeep and maintenance of the pool. Checking the chemical and pH levels consistently will help to curb bacteria and algae growth while skimming the water’s surface will help remove floating debris and leaves. But the garden hose pool vacuum will help to keep the pool’s floor shiny and clean, hopefully making the other procedures less of an exhaustive chore.  Before vacuuming, it’s a good idea to shut off the pool’s circulation system to keep the water as still as possible.  Then follow these easy steps.

Step One

First, insert the female portion of the vacuum attachment on to the telescope pole. Sometimes there are locking pins to help keep it secure.  Push until these lock in place.

Step Two

Secure your garden hose to the threaded end of the vacuum attachment, connecting the other end of the hose to your water source or hose bib.

Step Three

Next, tie the collection bag to the vacuum attachment’s remaining hole. (For an additional “trick”, see below.)

Step Four

Gently place the garden hose pool vacuum into your swimming pool. Turn on your spigot, feeding water to the vacuum.

Step Five

Slowly and patiently, scan the bottom surface of the swimming pool with your garden hose pool vacuum. Be thorough. Make sure to clean as much of the dirt and debris as you can. This will keep you from having to repeat the process more frequently in the future. The vacuum needs to be handled gently and slowly so that the dirt and debris is not loosened and stirred up, potentially clouding the water with the dirt from the pool floor. This is the most common mistake that new pool owners sometimes make.

Step Six

Once you have completely and thoroughly finished the vacuuming of your pool’s floor, turn off the water source and carefully remove the garden hose pool vacuum from the pool. Untie the debris collection bag. Be careful to do this while the vacuum is no longer over or near the water. The last thing that you want is to accidentally dump this dirt back into the pool.

Step Seven

Now, simply spray the collection bag clean with your garden hose until it is completely free from all dirt and debris collected from the pool.

Step Eight

The final step will be to turn the filtration system back which will remove any remaining dirt that may have been accidentally stirred up during the vacuuming process.

The important thing to remember when learning how to use an garden hose pool vacuum is to always be patient and to not rush the process. This may only make the cleaning process more difficult. One “trick” that some pool owners do is to forgo the use of the collection bag, replacing this with a length of additional garden hose instead. Sometimes very fine particles of dirt can pass right through the collection bag and back into the pool, although this is very rare. Using an additional hose is a bit more cumbersome, but it can provide a much more thorough cleaning.

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