How to Start-Up My Intex Pool

If this is the first summer you’ve purchased a new Intex swimming pool, congratulations! Once you have it up and the water in, here is a quick check list for getting it ready to swim for family and friends.

Step One

You’ll want to have a few things handy before beginning – including test strips, any balancing chemicals like pH Up or Down, a chlorine shock and whatever product you plan to use for maintenance sanitizing (ie: a floater with chlorine). A preventative algaecide isn’t a bad idea either.

Step Two

Make sure your water is circulating well. You should see water entering the pool from a hose on one side of the pump and filter. This should create a small whirlpool in the water. If any debris got in the pool, it may collect on the return fitting which is connected to the hose on the other side of the pump and filter. Make sure to keep this fitting free of leaves and twigs so your circulation stays strong.

Step Three

Balance the water using your test strips. Test the water for pH and Total Alkalinity. Everyone’s tap water is different. Mother and two daughters by pool 2Yours may be right on at 7.2 to 7.8 pH or it may be off. Use a pH Up or pH Down product accordingly and always follow the directions on the bottle.

Step Four

Shock the pool with a chlorine shock. That will remove all the contaminants or junk that you don’t’ want in the water – even though most tap water is pretty clean. Add the shock while walking around the perimeter of your pool for the best results.

Step Five

If you are concerned about algae, there are preventative algaecide products that are simply poured into the pool typically on a weekly basis. You may want to wait until the hot weather sets in and see how your sanitizer holds up. If it needs a boost, you can get an algaecide then.

Step Six

Now you can add your maintenance sanitizer and follow the directions on the product you are choosing. Not sure what to use?  Check out Flip Plop – a complete pool care system that provides fresh mineral water that’s cleaner, clearer and softer than just chlorine alone.

So get out those pool toys, deck chairs, and patio games. Summer is here! Let’s have some fun!

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