How to Set Up My Bestway Pool

In the past 10 years, soft-sided above ground pools have become more popular as they can be taken down during the winter months and then set up just in time for the summer season. There is no need to be concerned about winter storm or hurricane damage if you live in those parts of the United States that experience these weather conditions as you might be with more permanent pools. They can be easily set up by one or two people. It is important, however, to understand the exact steps when you want to know how to start up my Bestway pool.

Before setting up any pool, the parts of the pool should be taken out of the carton and identified to facilitate steps later on in the process. The pool should be located so that there is a distance of four feet all around the pool that is clear of objects so a child could not use any potential objects to get into the pool. It is important that the site be properly prepared, on ground that is level and on soil that is compacted and firm and able to withstand the weight of the pool when filled with water. The pool should not be installed on a wooden deck, driveway or asphalt or on any vegetation. The grass and all weeds should be removed as the latter can grow through the liner of the pool. If you have purchased a pump, this will be installed after the pool installation has been completed.

If you purchased a ground cloth with the pool, then spread it out carefully where you have decided to locate your pool. Make sure that this is exactly where you want to locate your pool as it should not be dragged on the ground as this can cause a puncture in the bottom of the pool. The pool needs to be close to a 110-volt AC outlet. The pool should be spread out with the right side up. Exposing it to direct sunlight for one hour or more will make it more flexible and easier to set up.

Then you need to turn the pool so that drain valve faces the area where you will be draining the pool and the valves for the pump are facing the outlet. There is a blue stopper plug which then needs to inserted into inlet and outlet on the inside of the wall of the pool. The top ring of the pool can then be filled with air and one to two inches of water can be put into the pool. Once this has been done, you can smooth out the wrinkles in the bottom by starting in the middle and working your way out to the edge.

The connection valve can then be assembled and the pool can be filled with water. Make sure that someone is supervising the filling of the pool as it should not be left unattended during this process.

Once the pool has been filled to the drain valve, the process should be stopped to make sure the pool is level. If it is not, then drain the pool and re-level the ground as the pool should not be moved with water in it.

Once the pool has been filled to a capacity of 80 per cent and it meets the bottom of the inflated ring, then you are ready to start using your pool and enjoying all that it has to offer.

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