How to Set Up a Summer Escape Pool at the Beginning of a Season

Soft-sided pools above ground swimming pools have been around for some time but have become increasingly popular over the last 10 years. They are available in both round and rectangular shapes and a variety of depths and, unlike their hard-sided above ground counterparts, can be taken down once the pool season is over and drained and stored away during the winter months. When the time approaches for the pool season, they can be more easily assembled than hard-sided pools with less preparation of the ground. This article will describe how to start up my Summer Escape pool.

Before setting up any pool, it is important that the site be properly prepared. It should be one that is level and on soil that is compacted and stable, free of gravel, stones, sticks, twigs or any other compounds made of oil. The pool should not be installed on a wooden deck or wooden surface but does need to be more than 21 feet away from a 110-volt AC outlet if a pump and filter system is used.

One tip for installing the pool is to unfold it and lay it in direct sunlight for about two hours before setting it up. This will make the pool material more pliable and allow it to stretch during installation and ensure a wrinkle-free fit. It is also important the temperature be above 60 degrees Fahrenheit for the pool assembly to be facilitated.

The exact method for setting up a pool is somewhat different depending on the type of pool, with ring pools somewhat less complicated than frame-set pools. For a ring pool, once it has been unfolded, you should inspect the seams for any defects in manufacturing. The pool should be laid out where you want it to go with the inflatable ring on the top side. If a pump/filter system was included in the purchase of your pool or you plan to purchase one, then the intake fitting should be located 10 to 21 feet from the electrical outlet previously mentioned for the pool pump.

The top ring can then be inflated. Then the filter/pump system can be installed. Make sure that all fittings are secured, including the one for the drain, and the cap for the drain is in place. Once this has been done, the pool can be filled with water.

Once the bottom of the pool is filled with one inch of water, the filling of the pool should be stopped as you need to smooth out any wrinkles that may have formed on the bottom of the pool. Work from the center outward so that the floor of the pool is flat and round. Now the outer wall can be pulled out from under the top ring all around the pool so that the pool fills evenly. After this point, no more adjustments can be made due to the weight of the water.

As more water fills the pool, the inflated ring will rise with the maximum water level being the bottom seam of the ring. At this point, the installation of the filter/pump system can be finished and you can start enjoying your new pool!

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