How to Close My Summer Escape Pool

Once the warm temperatures of summer have turned to the cooler temperatures of fall, a Summer Escape pool should be taken down and stored, particularly when the weather gets below freezing. When you want to know how to close my Summer Escape pool, then you should carefully go over the instructions that come with the pool and ask someone for assistance.

Generally speaking, before storing your pool for the winter, make sure that all the parts are clean. You can use lukewarm water and a mild soap but stay away from hot water and detergents. The parts should also be completely dry before storing them away as you do not want mildew to form, which can happen even during the colder months. The place where the pool and its parts are to be stored should also be dry and where the temperature does not go below freezing or above 125 degree Fahrenheit. It might also be a good idea to label everything properly so you know how to put the pool back together again the following summer.

So now that you are aware of the general information regarding your pool, you can now learn how to close my Summer Escape pool. If it is a Quick-Set pool, you first need to drain the pool of all the water. There is a drain plug on the outside of the pool wall and a standard garden hose will fit into that plug easily. Then make sure you have the garden hose placed where you can freely drain the water and open the drain plug on the inside of the pool to drain out all the water.

Once as much water as possible has been drained out of the pool, then the hose that is connected to the drain fitting can be used to deflate the top by opening the air valve. Now the sides of the wall of the pool can be pushed down carefully so any water that is remaining in the pool will run out.

If there is still any water remaining in the pool, this can be removed by washing and drying the pool with a soft cloth made of cotton. The drain plug can be pushed back into the fitting and the cap can be replaced. The pool can now be folded up carefully and stored as previously directed.

If your pool is a frame pool with metal work, then these pieces need to be dissembled as well. This can be done by pressing on the plastic buttons which enables the pieces to be slid apart or by removing the plastic pins that hold the metal work together and then sliding them apart. The metal work also needs to be cleaned and completely dried before storage. You should also inspect all the parts of the pool and order any replacements for those that have become worn, damaged or broken so you will have them ready for next year’s set-up.

If you have any concerns about how to do this, then refer back to the instructions for setting up the pool and just reverse the steps. Any additional concerns should be directed to your local pool vendor.

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