How to Close My Bestway Pool

It is best to close and store your Bestway pool when outside temperatures fall below 45 degrees Fahrenheit as the polyvinyl chloride walls can be damaged and the walls may collapse under the weight of snow and ice. This applies even for the more temperate climates as the temperatures there may sometimes go below freezing.

When you are ready to close your Bestway pool, you should first find a place indoors where the pool can be stored. The temperature of the storage place should be moderate within a range of 41 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The place should be dry, away from chemicals, off the ground, free of rodents and out of the reach of children.

Before you want to know how to close my Bestway pool, you should carefully go over the instructions that come with the pool and ask for assistance if you feel you will need it.
The first part of dismantling your pool is to drain the water out of the pool. You need to unscrew the drain valve cap on the outside of the pool and connect this adapter to one end of a hose.

The other end of the hose should be in an area where you can let the water drain out of your pool. You may need to check the regulations in your area for any by-laws regarding pool drainage. The control ring of the hose adapter can now be screwed back onto the drain valve and the water will begin to drain on its own. The water also needs to be drained out of the pump and the filter needs to be taken out.

When all the water has been drained out of the pool, the hose should be disconnected from the pool and the drain valve cap replaced. Deflate the air in the top ring by unplugging the air valve. Then the pool should be air-dried but not outside. Bring it inside to a large area where it can be protected and dry rather quickly.

Once it has dried, then make sure that all the parts are clean. Lukewarm water and a mild soap can be used and hot water and detergents should be avoided. Then make sure the pool completely dries again as mold and mildew can form even during the winter months which can damage the liner of the pool. It might also be a good idea to label everything properly so you know how to put the pool back together again the following summer.

Once the pool parts are completely dry, you should sprinkle some talcum powder on them so they will not stick together after they have been folded, which is the next step in the process. If you have a solar cover also clean it thoroughly with fresh water. You can use a pressure washer at a low intensity as long as the cover is not too old. This should also be folded and packed away with the rest of the pool and accessories.

One of the advantages of a Bestway pool is that putting it up and taking it down are relatively easy to do but if you have any questions or concerns, you should get in touch with your local retailer for further assistance.

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