The Affordable Swimming Pool

Owning an in-ground pool is considered a luxury for most people. Add in the maintenance, repair and cleaning and the cost can really get high for the little time most people get to enjoy them.


The alternative that many people try is a small above ground pool that can be set up anywhere, enjoyed for a season and removed. These are great for families, especially those with small children. These pools are much less expensive to purchase and install and easier to clean and maintain.

Of course, they are not as big as an in-ground pool, but for those with limited space and a limited budget, they are the perfect option. They fit in small spaces in the back or side yard providing hours of fun for the entire family.

These pools come in many different sizes and types from the inflatable style that Summer Escapes framed poolholds about 2500 gallons to the frame and liner pools that can go up to 10,000 gallons.  They typically come with a pump and cartridge filter as well as a ladder.  Some additional accessories may be a leaf skimmer and a hose powered vacuum attachment.

Their are a few main brands, Intex is the largest but there is Summer Escapes and Best Way pools as well.  These pools can be found online but typically are sold through any number of mass merchant retailers like Wal Mart (see “Where to Find Intex, Summer Escapes or Best Way Pools”)

The great thing about these pools is they are temporary.  In most areas of the country they are drained for the winter months and reset up the following spring.  One pool will typically give you 1 to 2 seasons before it needs to be replaced. Many people try one of these pools to see if they want to move to a more permanent pool for the future.



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