How to Close your Intex Pool

Once the summer begins to come to a close, Intex pool owners are faced with the daunting task of having to close down the swimming pool for the winter. If you live where temperatures are typically below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, then you will want to take the pool down and store it for the winter. In warmer winter climates, you can follow standard pool winterizing procedures. See both options outlined below. In a matter of a few short hours, your Intex pool can be ready to sleep for the winter. Pool Draining and Storage (For Freezing Winters) Remove the ladder, skimmer (if … [Read more...]

How to Close My Summer Escape Pool

Once the warm temperatures of summer have turned to the cooler temperatures of fall, a Summer Escape pool should be taken down and stored, particularly when the weather gets below freezing. When you want to know how to close my Summer Escape pool, then you should carefully go over the instructions that come with the pool and ask someone for assistance. Generally speaking, before storing your pool for the winter, make sure that all the parts are clean. You can use lukewarm water and a mild soap but stay away from hot water and detergents. The parts should also be completely dry before … [Read more...]

My Pool Turned My Hair Green! How do I Fix it?!

Blondes may have more fun, but most of them are probably not big swimmers! The nemesis of the blonde species, both male and female, is the swimming pool. While most of us blame the higher amounts of chlorine as the chief culprit, the truth is actually a bit stranger. It’s the excessive amount of copper in the water that makes our flaxen friends flustered! Help! My hair turned green! How do I fix it? So, how does this massive amount of copper get into the cool water? Well, it isn’t because someone went swimming with a sack full of pennies. The excessive copper comes from the algaecides used … [Read more...]

How to Get Rid of Pool Algae

Algae is a pool owners worst nightmare. The more you know about it, however, the easier it will be to prevent or remove it. There are numerous products on the market that do one or the other and it can be confusing. We fine there are generally three different ways that seem to work well, depending on the type of algae that is forming in your pool. Types of Algae Algae is a living organism, a plant-like fungus that will only continue to spread if it is not handled properly. There are three common types: Green or blue algae Yellow or mustard-colored algae And, last but not least, the … [Read more...]

How to Use A Garden Hose Pool Vacuum

Vacuuming the bottom of an Intex, Summer Escapes and Best Way pools is easy with the garden hose pool vacuum that either comes with or is an accessory for these types of pools. Learning how to use a garden hose pool vacuum properly is a critical step in the regular upkeep and maintenance of the pool. Checking the chemical and pH levels consistently will help to curb bacteria and algae growth while skimming the water’s surface will help remove floating debris and leaves. But the garden hose pool vacuum will help to keep the pool’s floor shiny and clean, hopefully making the other procedures … [Read more...]

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