Anyone can Own and Enjoy an Intex Pool!

The Intex Corporation specializes in a range of smaller above ground choices in swimming pools that are easy to install and an inexpensive option. In addition there are a variety of sizes, shapes and styles that can fit into any exterior home environment.

Inexpensive Options

The Intex swimming pools offer homeowners an inexpensive option in owning a swimming pool. In ground pools can typically cost from $10,000 up to $45,000 to build and then the installation process. Hard walled swimming pools that are above ground cost a lot less and usually cost between $1,200 and $3,000. However, the Intex range of pools is the most affordable option and can cost in the region of $200.

Quick and Easy Setup

All that is required for these swimming pools is to ensure the location for the pool has been properly prepared and leveled off. The setup of the pool requires a screwdriver and hammer and the instructions provided are easy to follow. The pool is now ready for water and the last step required is to work out any wrinkles that are in the liner of the pool.

Easy Maintenance

One of the most attractive aspects of owning an Intex pool is the ease of maintenance. The equipment of these pools is straightforward and simple and the filters are inexpensive and widely available. The instructions contain detailed advice on cleaning the filters and even how to replace a filter that has stopped working.


The water in the pool can be kept at a high quality by using any standard pool chemicals available on the market. Replacing the water is very easy and the pool can then be cleaned with normal household cleaners and rinsed out before filling up with new water.

Intex swimming pools are an easy solution to owning a pool for relaxation, enjoyment and fun for the whole family. Families can enjoy the pool together and having a nearby swimming pool for the children makes the summer months something to look forward to. The choices in size make owning a pool a reality, even for homeowners that own smaller garden or outdoor areas. The pools can even be used in indoor settings if there is enough space available, they are easy to transport and to pack away for the winter months.

Intex pools can be solution to owning a pool that is easy and inexpensive compared to in ground traditional pools. The pools now come with a video and instruction manual included with the kit. The video supplies all the instructions for the setup, however, to level the ground out will require additional research.

It may be advisable to extend the research in finding information on maintaining the equipment, filters, and pumps. It is important that the water is kept clean and sanitary to obtain the most enjoyment out of the pool. The water in these pools should be replaced from time to time to ensure the pool is a safe and healthy environment for all the users.

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